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Lightsaber Gender Reveal Light Saber "The Raver" Durable Dueling Light Saber Toy Aluminum Pick From 7 Colors

Lightsaber Gender Reveal Light Saber "The Raver" Durable Dueling Light Saber Toy Aluminum Pick From 7 Colors

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Lightsaber, check. Gender reveal, check. Get ready to ignite the excitement with our Gender Reveal Lightsaber! Whether you lean towards the light side or the dark side, you can customize your saber with either a black or silver hilt and one of seven blade colors (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Teal, White). May the force be with you as you reveal your little Padawan or apprentice.

✔ Currently running a special on this saber. If you purchase 2 we will add a free coupling adapter to the order. Coupling adapter is listed for $20
✔ Our Quality – We use the highest quality materials when building our sabers. Aircraft grade aluminum will ensure the hilt does not break. Polycarbonate blade will ensure the blade does not crack.
✔ Fun – Switch through the 7 colors at the push of a button. What could be more fun than swinging around your saber during a nighttime dueling session or choreographing your own fight scene for the next star wars viral video? We also offer a coupling adapter available for purchase if you want to make a double staff saber.
✔ Tough – These thing are tough and built to last and take abuse.
✔ Warranty – We warranty all our sabers and if you do have any issues we can fix them fast.

Aluminum Hilt Heavy Duty Black Finish. Saber runs on 4 AAA batteries. Batteries not included. Do not look directly into light when blade is removed. When installing the batteries unscrew the base of the saber. You should see a colored grip wire that is used to pull the battery pack out for inside the hilt. You should not have to pull very hard. Do not pull on the wire too hard or it may be damaged. Install 4 AAA batteries and push back into the hilt until it stops. Push grip wire out of the way and reinstall base. Installing the blade is simple. The rounded end is the point of the blade. The flat end of the blade goes into the hilt and can be tightened into place with a small Allen key. Be careful not to get dust or debris inside the blade as it will show when lit. Batteries will last for quite a long time but if you do notice the light is dimming it may be time for new batteries. We suggest using rechargeable batteries. Any questions please message us. Videos here at this link.

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