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Gender Reveal for Baby Lightsaber Color Change Light Saber 16 Sound Bluetooth Durable Dueling Saber Star Wars Gift Bossaber "The Trinity"

Gender Reveal for Baby Lightsaber Color Change Light Saber 16 Sound Bluetooth Durable Dueling Saber Star Wars Gift Bossaber "The Trinity"

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✔ Color Changing Ability – Our Color Changing Lightsaber uses a High Power 12 Watt RGB LED Bulb to illuminate the removable blade. Wow your family and friends with a nighttime light show. Practice spinning the sword and enjoy the quick and easy color changing as you go.
✔ Connect to your phone to easily access all the function.
✔ Base lit sound Module Xeno V3 Sound Board
✔ Bluetooth connectivity, Connect to your phone
✔ Removable SD Card
✔ 16 Sound fonts pre loaded
✔ 3 Blade modes Pulse, Steady, Unstable
✔ Can turn music on when dueling
✔ Flash on clash can be turned on or off
✔ Motion control can be turned on or off
✔ Blaster blocking
✔ Blade lock up
✔ Color cycling can be turned on or off
✔ Color can be saved or locked in
✔ Upgrade your Lightsaber to a PRO Sound Board
✔ Smooth Swing
✔ Twist to activate
✔ Mute Function
✔ Plus much much more

We have an overview video of this sound board here on our YouTube If you would like to check it out.

✔ Our Quality – We use the highest quality materials when building our sabers. Aircraft grade aluminum will ensure the hilt does not break. Polycarbonate blade will ensure the blade does not crack.
✔ Fun – Switch through the many colors at the push of a button. What could be more fun than swinging around your saber during a nighttime dueling session or choreographing your own fight scene for the next star wars viral video? Ability to turn sound on and off.
✔ Tough – These thing are tough and built to last and take abuse.
✔ Warranty – We warranty all our sabers and if you do have any issues we can fix them fast

Color Changing Light Saber Many different colors High power RGB LED. Air Craft Grade Aluminum Hilt. Heavy Duty Black Finish. Saber length is 42 inches with removable blade. Blade colors are endless. Do not look directly into light when blade is removed. Installing the blade is simple. The rounded end is the point of the blade. The flat end of the blade goes into the hilt and can be tightened into place with a small Allen key. Be careful not to get dust or debris inside the blade as it will show when lit. Color Changing Lightsaber with Sound is Rechargeable with Removable Blade. Saber has 16 Different sound functions with light side and dark side sounds. Super loud strong speaker. Listing is for one saber not 2. We also sell coupling adapters if you want to buy 2 sabers and make a double ended saber. The saber has the colors pictured and many more. Also checkout our attached videos on saber functions.

How to setup for a Gender Reveal
Saber Overview Video
Sound Board Overview Video
Bossaber YouTube channel

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